Advantage of booking an appointment for a service repair

Booking an appointment with our Apple Certified Technicians for a service repair is easier and more convenient instead of opting to walk-in without a schedule. Here's why:

Skip the long lines
You can avoid long lines, waiting for hours to take your turn just to find out that the process can be done through a call via remote diagnostics. If an appointment is booked, your device will be checked ahead of time and you will be accommodated as soon as you arrive based on the agreed schedule.

Better manage your time to be able to do other errands on the side while your device is getting fixed. No need to allocate the entire day as long as you have booked a schedule for the repair. 

Safe and convenient
Although health and safety protocols are strictly implemented inside all our Service Centers, going out of the house is still a risk. If you book an appointment with us, there's a shorter exposure outside and no need to wait for your turn. 

Understand your device's issue
Our Apple Certified Technicians will walk you through a remote diagnostic call, discuss your repair options, and run thorough remote diagnostics on your device. 

Visit our Support Page to book an appointment now at any Service Center near you. Payment can also be done online.