Apple and Health

Keeping yourself healthy is a must. Improving your health can be done in multiple ways such as proper eating and exercising. For starters, here are some food choices you could turn to to help boost your immune system

Citrus Fruits

Everyone knows this, Vitamin C helps you produce white blood cells which then protects you from the flu. So get yourself an ample supply of oranges, tangerines, grapes, lemons, or even calamansi from your backyard!

Red Bell Pepper

A shocker for most, did you know that red bell pepper contains double the vitamins citrus fruits have? Yep, each ounce of bell pepper gets you double protection compared to citrus fruits. Plus, it helps keep your skin glowing too.


Eating poultry helps you increase the production of Vitamin B-6, a vitamin known to increase your red blood cell count.


Garlic is seen in an everyday Filipino viand. It is known to lower blood pressure and boost your immune system linked with the concentration of sulfur-containing compounds such as allicin.

Complement your great eating habits with some lifestyle changes to reap all the benefits. Here are some ways your Appel device can help you accomplish that. 

As Apple stated, good eating does not mean perfect eating. We understand that sometimes cravings are inevitable to escape, here's where the health app comes into play.

With the health app on your iPhone, you can track your caffeine intake and more through the Nutrition tab. When your iPhone is connected to your Apple Watch, you may also get stats on your daily movements to close your rings or even know when to take a break just to breathe.

While eating food helps keep your immune system strong, let's not forget that getting the right hours of sleep and staying active is also key to keeping your overall well-being a-OK!

Here is how you can develop a better sleeping time habit with your iPhone.