3 Apps iStore uses for Productivity

It’s no doubt that technology gives us new ways to be productive and efficient in workspaces, both offline and online. Incorporating technology in a company culture keeps us on our toes because there is always something new and exciting to learn. 

There are so many productivity tools and programs that are accessible online, and iStore is not one to sit out on tech-forward ways to adapt to changing times. Here are the 3 apps iStore uses to stay productive and efficient as an organization. 


Slack is a communication app that keeps you organized and focused with central conversations, files, tools, and people. Efficient communication is essential in making workspaces more productive and having conversations organized into channels. When things are easier to find, it can be so helpful for organizations and companies. You no longer need a different link for every meeting you have because you can make calls on the platform. Slack also allows app integration so you can sync your virtual workspace with your account on Google Calendar, Zoom, and more.


 Asana is a work manager for teams. It keeps track of deliverables by assigning cards, and it monitors what else needs to be done by adding subtasks to said Asana cards. You can even organize the tasks and deliverables anyway you want to so your team is aligned wherever you are. It even has an app directory to choose what you can integrate to be more efficient. 

 Google Workspace

The more appropriate question to answer for Google Workspace—what does it not do? Collaboration is so much easier when you can mention your teammates on Googles Slides and Google Docs. The team knows where everything is because Google Drive work is central storage for everyone.

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