How to activate the e-SIM cellular plan in your iPhone

With the Dual SIM features of iPhone, users can now enjoy having both a physical SIM and an eSIM in their device. 

In the Philippines, Globe Telecom™ and Smart Communications™ are the telecommunications provider which offer an eSIM cellular plan.  To activate it on your iPhone, follow these steps:


STEP 1: Visit any of the participating Globe stores or call the hotline (Globe Customer Care (+632) 7730-1000 or 211 using your mobile phone) to have the eSIM of your iPhone activated. 

STEP 2: Using your phone, connect to WiFi or use the mobile data of your active physical SIM.

STEP 3: Tap Settings on your device.

STEP 4: Tap Cellular.

STEP 5: Tap Add Cellular Plan.

STEP 6: Scan the QR code on the eSIM voucher.

STEP 7: Tap Add Cellular Plan.

STEP 8: Tap OK when the device prompts this message:
"Uncertified Cellular Plan
This cellular plan has not been certified for iPhone.
Cellular calls and data, voicemail, and battery life may be affected.

Once successfully configured, you can now view your mobile number under Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plan.

Check Globe's eSIM cellular plan offer here


STEP 1: To enable 5G for your iPhone, upgrade to iOS 14.3 or newer. 

STEP 2: Update Carrier Settings to Smart 45.1. 

STEP 3: Disable Dual SIM mode by turning off either one of your phone lines.

STEP 4: When on Low Power Mode, your data will automatically switch back to LTE but will go back to 5G once you're streaming videos. Call Smart hotline at (02) 888-1111 for any concerns. 

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To activate the Dual SIM feature, you need to have an iPhone XS or later models and update your iPhone to iOS 13 or later. 

You can also watch Apple Support's tutorial on how to set up and use Dual SIM on your iPhone.