Moshi products come with a 10-year global warranty

Moshi's products come with a 10-year global warranty as part of their aim to produce the best quality products that are built to last. It covers the complete lineup, including portable batteries, adapters, cables, and other accessories that tend to break easily.

To activate the warranty, the item has to be purchased from any iStore branch or other authorized resellers and then register it to Moshi's website. The warranty will also be extended to products purchased and registered over the past ten (10) years.

However, "accidents, abuse, misuse, or improper care" and "cosmetic damages due to normal wear and tear of the product" will not be covered, according to Moshi.

Environmental concern was the main reason behind the initiative to provide a 10-year warranty, with Moshi citing that it should motivate them to produce items that won’t fail within the 10-year window and further impact the environment.

With this offer, Moshi is giving customers the guarantee that the products they purchased are long-lasting and durable so they won't have to return it in the first place.

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