Useful Work From Home iOS Apps for Your iPhone 13

Keeping the air of productivity became a challenge for many remote employees when the pandemic struck the country. Yet thanks to technology, employees can utilize their mobile phones to communicate with their colleagues, manage their time, and stay focused.

With your iPhone 13, check out these work-from-home apps to help you perform better at work.


Communicate through Zoom

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is that conversations are longer face-to-face. Even though you work from home, you still need to get in touch with your workmates for your meetings and group calls.

 Downloading a professional communication app tool like Zoom can replace these on-site meetings. You don’t need to open a laptop to join an online conference. Instead, you can answer calls with your iPhone 13.


Stay Focused with Forest

With the line between work and home becoming blurry, sometimes it’s increasingly difficult to stay on task. Forest app is a great solution to your productivity issue with a unique spin! 

Simply open the app and click the “Plant Tree” button to start your virtual tree planting journey. Your tree will continue growing if you keep your hands off your phone for 25 minutes. If you achieve staying focused, you’ll find yourself growing a forest full of virtual trees.  


Manage your Tasks with Google Keep

There are days when you have tons of deliverables to finish. To avoid getting overwhelmed, Google Keep is essential for remote workers to keep their tasks in order.

Available on the App Store, you can list your tasks and break them down into small, achievable tasks.

Don’t let a pandemic affect the way you work. Download these work-from-home apps on your iPhone 13 today.


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