DeFunc Bluetooth Speaker Duo

DeFUNCSKU: 7350080716265

Color: BLACK
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Defunc brings Stereo to the Mobile Audio Market
We don´t want to do "me too" products. We want to add something to the market when we launch a product for a new category. Defunc DUO is the only Bluetooth speaker that offers you true Stereo sound!

Turn on the speakers & they will auto connect
Simply turn on your DUO speakers and they will auto connect within 7-8 sec giving you a right and left channal - full stereo effect. Each speaker giving a 360 degrees sound effect.

Your complete home stereo
With the DUO portable Stereo system, you can without problem move around the music throughout the whole house. Battery life time of 10-12 h gives you enough playtime for a whole day. The speakers work 10 meter apart from each other.

Defunc DUO - 2 for 1
The DUO is created to give you stereo sound. However, each speaker works individually too, but then without the stereo effect.

Defunc DUO - True Stereo
DUO offers you true stereo with the 2 speakers. That´s how music should be listen to.

Fulll flexiblity
Just move your speakers around depending on where you are. True mobile stereo with 10 - 12 h battery time.

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