Griffin PowerBlock Premium USB-C - 45W



Take advantage of your USB-C devices high-rate charging capabilities with our Premium PowerBlock USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Wall Charger—from Apple fast charging your iPhone to fast charging your laptop or tablet with up to 45W of power.

Universal Charging Solution— Now that USB-C is quickly becoming the global standard and likely already integrated into many, if not all, of your devices, our 45W Premium PowerBlock USB-C PD Wall Charger is essential whenever you need to power up. At 45W utilizing Power Delivery (a dynamic fast charging technology), your USB-C laptop will charge drastically faster than using the charging block that came in the box with your device. And being able to connect your USB-C device directly to this charging block (using a USB-C cable; not included) makes life easy.

Charge Your iPhone Lightning Fast— To enable Apple fast charging, you need USB-C Power Delivery (PD), which makes our Premium PowerBlock USB-C PD Wall Charger a vital accessory for your devices. By plugging your iPhone 8 or later into this wall charger, you can reach 0–50% power in just 30 minutes.

Take It With You Everywhere— Not only is our premium wall charger lightweight and compact with a low profile, but the nonpolarized prongs fold flat into the charging block—the ideal travel-friendly design that’s easily packable no matter where you’re headed.

Smart Rate Detection— We engineered this high-rate wall charger with our ChargeSensor technology, a built-in circuitry which automatically selects the safest and fastest rate at which to charge the connected device.

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