Mipow Powercube 5000mAh with Lightning Cable Gold



The slim silhouette and luxurious materials of this very elegant power bank are proud to be inspired by the design of Apple products. MiPow Power Cube 5000 has an integrated Lightning cable, cleverly hidden on the side, if it offers another USB output designed for other devices. It can therefore charge two devices at the same time, dividing its honest 2.4 A output current and a high capacity of 5000 mAh. The remaining capacity is indicated by 4 decent but bright LEDs on the front. The technology used protects the rechargeable device and the bank from overvoltage, overcharging, high temperature and short circuit. The original Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad certification is a matter of course.
The MiPow power Cube 5000 power bank is made of anodized aluminum, which is not subject to moisture or corrosion and, in addition, does not slip in the hand. The soft pads at the bottom protect the power bank against abrasion and unwanted movement on the pad during charging.

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