Mipow Tempered iPhone 11 Pro Max 3D Anti-Spy

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Most of us feel inconvenient and uncomfortable to use the phone among those around us because we are afraid that our private information will be seen by others. Mipow Kingbull 3D Premium Anti-Spy is an anti-theft paste that gives users a perfect and convenient experience with outstanding features and features that attract users, the stickers are improved with optimal anti-theft function. help you feel more secure and help your eyes not be more uncomfortable when using the iPhone is better. In particular, the improved edge and the adhesive is used by more advanced materials to make it easier to get dust (if any), faster,... - 3D bezel - A great strength of Mipow, the edge edge is meticulously designed with perfect bezel to help protect the iPhone more comprehensively. - Mipow Kingbull 3D Premium Anti - Spy is made from 340AB glue material - one of the leading Korean glue ingredients, Using high quality glass material helps the glass screen ensure the transparency to keep the optimal aesthetics of the iPhone screen., Black glass rim made of high-grade Epoxy plastic and glass helps the rim to limit dust after a period of use as well as limit corner chipping., edge,... - Most prominent, Mipow Kingbull 3D Premium Anti-Spy has anti-theft function of up to 180 degrees, which means only phone users can see information on the phone with a direct viewing angle with the phone screen that others will be difficult to see or will find it very blurred and eyes will feel extremely uncomfortable. - Glass is explosion-proof, anti-fingerprint most optimal, highly scratch-resistant. - With a glass thickness of only 0.26mm, it creates a real feeling, ensuring the thinness of the screen view and the hardness reaches 9H, helping the glass to minimize breakage when impacted daily, in addition, the glass is safe when using the phone to limit ultraviolet rays affecting the eyes. - Glass has a good finish in terms of smoothness, gloss, transparency - Good sensor, optimal Face ID feature - Mipow Kingbull toughened stickers are anti-theft because it naturally increases the function of "anti-theft" (Privacy), so it will be a little darker than the conventional Mipow Kingbull Tempered Glass. - GENUINE PRODUCTS OF MIPOW (USA)

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