Moft Air-Flow Laptop Stand

Color: Rosegold


Take a Stand with MOFT

Unseen, unfelt, unnoticed. In keeping with the philosophy that states "good design is invisible", MOFT was created to be the natural, seamless appendage to your computer.

An Unseen Hero

Light as a pen and thin as a coin, the MOFT Adhesive Laptop Stand is the ideal companion to mobile professionals. Its built-in magnets enable it to be placed on most flat surfaces, expanding options for places conducive to work. Having elevation adjustments allows MOFT to help users maintain good posture that eases the burden of prolonged seating.

● Dimensions: 170*224*3 mm

● Character: Adhesive

● Height Adjustment: 2 or 3 inches

● Weight: 89 g / 3 oz

● Material: PU, Fiberglass, Removable Glue

● Compatible Model: 11.6"-15.6" Laptops

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