Panzer Tempered Glass Alap w/ App Guide iP12Mini

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Full screen protection PanzerGlass (tm) tempered glass provides the highest standard of phone screen protection while maintaining full touch panel sensitivity. Protects the entire surface of the display (Edge-to-Edge). The shape of the glass is optimized to protect the most sensitive parts of the screen while maintaining full functionality. All edges have been carefully rounded and polished to ensure comfort during use.-Antibacterial coating The product has been coated with a specially designed antimicrobial substance, which makes it resistant to bacteria and fungi spores. The active substance, which is a component of the outer layer of the product, effectively kills bacteria, fungi and mold. It protects the phone user from contact with harmful microbes. The antimicrobial coating does not wear off, it remains active all the time. Destroys 99.99% of bacteria within 24 hours. The coating is non-toxic.

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