Panzerglass Tempered Glass Privacy iPad Pro 12.9" (2020)



iPad Pro 12.9 "(2020) PanzerGlass Edge-To-Edge  provides complete protection for the screen. The design of the armor glass is optimized to maximize protection and maintain easy use of the screen. The glass has the smart Privacy filter, which makes it impossible for the curious eyes to see what you're doing on your iPad. 

This  Edge-To-Edge Full-Fit PanzerGlass for iPad Pro 12.9 "(2020) :

  1. Goes all the way to the edge (Full-fit).
  2. Designed with flat design Edge-To-Edge.
  3. Is made in their  Super + glass  quality.
  4. Has a thickness of only 0.33 mm.
  5. Has a smart  Privacy Filter.


(1)  Get full protection for iPad Pro 12.9 "(2020)  from edge to edge. Use of cover is therefore NOT recommended . 

(2)  The flat design of the Edge-To-Edge model helps ensure that the touch function works to perfection. The protection is maximized to the utmost, and you can therefore safely use your iPad.

(3)  Super + glass has undergone a double tempering process, which increases the protective strength of the glass. This type of glass is 20% stronger than variants from PanzerGlass with a hardness of 9H.

(4)  Despite a thickness of only 0.33 mm. gives this glass great protection for the screen.

(5)  PanzerGlass with the so-called 'Privacy filter' is super smart if you want private and discreet use of the iPad. It works by having light from the screen only come straight through, but not to the sides. That way, people next to you will not be able to see what is happening on the screen.

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