ECG feature now available in Apple watchOS 7.3 update

ECG. On your wrist. Anytime. Anywhere.

With the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 4 and higher is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. It’s a momentous achievement for a wearable device that can provide critical data for doctors and peace of mind for you.

Your finger can tell you a lot about your heart.

Electrodes built into the Digital Crown and the back crystal work together with the ECG app to read your heart’s electrical signals. Simply touch the Digital Crown to generate an ECG waveform in just 30 seconds. The ECG app can indicate whether your heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation — a serious form of irregular heart rhythm — or sinus rhythm, which means your heart is beating in a normal pattern.

To activate the ECG app on your Apple Watch, update your iPhone to iOS 14.4 and Apple Watch to OS 7.3 

Learn how to use the ECG app


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