PanzerGlass Apple iPad mini 8.6” (2021) Case Friendly Anti-Bacterial



Based on the same technology as the assortment for smartphones, our PanzerGlass tablet assortment is made of flat tempered glass with engineered CNC cutting to accommodate sensors, buttons, camera elements, etc. All edges are carefully rounded, polished, and coated with an 'anti-smudge material to maintain an excellent touch and feel. The shape of the PanzerGlass for tablets is optimized for maximum protection of the mobile device's display while maintaining full functionality. Anti-Bacterial PanzerGlass™ with built-in signature coating with antibacterial effects killing up to 99.99% of bacteria. Benefits: - >99.99% reduction of bacteria. - Crystal clear. - Impact-resistant. - Scratch-resistant. - Rounded edges. - Optimised adhesive and anti-scatter film. - Full touch. - Easy to attach. - Fingerprint-resistant. Year: 2019, 7th generation. Compatible with: A2197, A2198, A2200.

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